Automatic faucets are a great way to save water and create a more hygienic restroom. Automatic faucets or motion sensor bathroom faucets also provide a better patron restroom experience. Proven to reduce spread of germs & viruses because they are touch free.

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Spruce up your sink area with an automatic faucet!

In the post-pandemic world, patrons are looking for more touch-free options to avoid spreading germs in public restrooms. Our automatic faucets are motion-activated, meaning water only flows should hands pass directly in front of the sensor. Not only is this great for the environment, but it saves on the water bill! Plus, the sleek design will facilitate in keeping the bathroom vanity clean.

Where do you go after using the restroom?

To the sink to wash your hands, of course! Faucet handles are often touched immediately after using the restroom, meaning germ transfer is at an all-time high. When a faucet handle is manually turned on after restroom use, germs are instantaneously transferred to the faucet handle before soap is even introduced. Now comes time to add soap, lather, rinse, and turn the water off. This requires clean hands to touch faucet handles that may contain germs. See the problem? Alleviate this transfer of germs with a commercial touchless bathroom faucet!

Automatic faucets are easy to install

And provide a more hygienic option for restroom patrons. While you're at it, consider adding a touch-free automatic soap dispenser to give your patrons the ultimate restroom experience.

Check out our brands!

Sloan touch-free faucets are a popular option - they are available in polished chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass, brushed stainless, and graphite finishes. Check out all the options Air Delights has to offer for installing an automated faucet in your workplace.

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