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Are you looking for parts and repair kits for your main water supply lines? Air Delights has you covered! We stock a variety of Zurn Wilkins parts to repair and replace backflow preventers, pressure-reducing valves, and vacuum breakers.

Backflow Preventers

Air Delights carries a variety of backflow preventers! You may not realize it, but these small pieces of hardware have a very important purpose!

What is backflow? Water supply lines usually maintain enough pressure to allow water to flow in one direction, preventing it from flowing in reverse. However, if a pipe bursts, cracks, or is disconnected for any reason, that pressure can drop and allow contaminated water to flow backwards and mix with the clean water. This backflow can contain harmful contaminates like fertilizers or pesticides, human waste, chlorine from pools or spas, or soap from sinks or dishwashers.

A backflow preventer valve is specifically designed to prevent the water in the main water supply lines from flowing in the reverse direction, should the water supply line lose pressure. It is installed on the main water pipes and its sole purpose is to prevent clean water from being contaminated due to backflow. The valve works to distribute sanitary water from the main supply pipes to the water lines beneath your foundation.

Do not risk contaminating your clean water supply! Contact Air Delights to learn more about backflow preventers and keeping your water supply clean and sanitary.

Pressure Reducing Valves

Air Delights carries a variety of pressure-reducing valves! But, why would we want to reduce the water pressure?

You may not realize it, but water coming into a home or business is under intense pressure. This pressure can cause plumbing issues, such as cracked or leaky pipes, floods, or damage to appliances. Overall, high water pressure will decrease the lifespan of any water system, from pipes and appliances, to showerheads and faucets. Long story short, having water pressure that is too high will inevitably cost more money.

That's where a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) comes in! This little valve decreases the incoming pressure and allows for a safer water pressure to enter a home or office building. It's typically situated on the main water line next to the shut-off valve. As the water flows through the valve, it must also pass through a diaphragm connected to a spring that reduces the water pressure to the desired level. Then, the water continues moving through the valve and to the other side. Once a valve is set, the reduced pressure is maintained despite any changes in the incoming pressure.

Not only does a pressure-reducing valve protect your plumbing, appliances, and hardware, but it will save you money! These valves naturally save water by allowing less pressure to come through and, when water flows at a lower pressure, less energy is needed to heat it. On top of these economic and environmental benefits, these valves will also reduce stress on appliances and pipes. What could be better?

Air Delights has plenty of options in pressure-reducing valves - check out what we have to offer today!

Vacuum Breakers

Air Delight stocks a variety of vacuum breakers! These devices are designed to prevent water that leaves the faucet from flowing back into the plumbing system. They are commonly attached to sink faucets, spigots, toilets, or urinal valves.

A vacuum breaker is a threaded device that screws onto the mouth of a spigot, preventing backflow. The pressure of flowing water pushes the valve open. When the water is turned off, the pressure decreases and the valve closes. The air pressure keeps water from seeping back into the spigot from outside, thus preventing backflow from flowing in reverse.

Whether you're home or at work, don't risk the contamination of your clean water supply. Contact Air Delights to find out more about vacuum breakers and the prevention of backflow.


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