Automatic Flushers

Upgrade your restroom with an automatic flusher!

In the post-pandemic world, patrons are looking for more touch-free options to avoid spreading germs in public restrooms. The toilet flush handle is one of the germiest parts of the restroom, so what could be better than eliminating the need to touch it? The touch-free flush is activated when the user leaves and the sensor no longer detects a presence. The simpler, handle-less design allows for easier maintenance, upkeep, and cleaning. Plus, automatic flushers can be installed on a toilet or urinal.

Automatic toilet flushers are easy to install and provide a more hygienic option for restroom patrons.

These flushers are available in retrofit (installs on your existing flush valve) or choose to order both parts (the flusher and valve) brand new. Most automated flushers work on C-Cell batteries, but some are available in hardwire from Sloan Valve.

Who benefits from an automatic flusher?

Everyone does! They are more hygienic than having to manually flush. Does your establishment regularly host children? Eliminate the age-old problem of I forgot to flush! Touchless toilet flushers can also alleviate the burden of physically flushing for those who are elderly or who have limited mobility. They are a great investment for a wide range of establishments including schools, restaurants, retail environments, hospitals, service stations, stadiums, movie theatres, correctional facilities, factories, hotels, gyms, and more.

Check out our brands

Sloan automated flushers are a very popular option for automatic flushers. We also carry great brands like Zurn, Rubbermaid, and AMTC. Air Delights has the perfect solution for automatic flushers in any business or workplace.

Top Manufacturers

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Sloan Flushmate Toilet and Repair Parts
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Rubbermaid Commercial Restroom and Bathroom Products
T and S Brass Commercial Restaurant Plumbing Products and Repair Parts
Bobrick Washroom and Restroom Accessories
American Specialties, Inc.
Xlerator Hand Dryers from Excel. Touch Free Hand Dryers for Commercial Restrooms.
Bradley Restroom Products


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