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Take your commercial restroom to the next level by adding a complete menstrual care system.

Take your commercial restroom to the next level by adding a complete menstrual care system. Hospeco pioneered the concept of providing menstrual care products in women's public restrooms. "It's a necessity, not a luxury." At Air Delights, we couldn't agree more! From menstrual pad and tampon vending machines to disposal systems, we have a great variety of menstrual care products to provide patrons with the best possible restroom experience.

Let's start with dispensers!

Dispense tampons and sanitary pads with ease through one of our wall-mounted menstrual product dispensers. Choose from coin-operated models, or go above and beyond and install touch-free tampon dispensers that releases free product to the customer. The dispensers are available in sleek stainless steel, as well as crisp white to best match your existing restroom. Fill and refill dispensers with high-quality menstrual products including brands like Gards and Maxithins.

Now, time for disposal!

Air Delights has a variety of personal disposal bags as well as waste receptacles for the safe and sanitary disposal of sanitary products. Scented disposal bags mask odors and their easy tie-handle closure completely conceals contents. Don’t skip the disposal system! Proper disposal systems encourage responsible discarding, reduce plumbing issues, and minimize the risk of blood-borne pathogens. Don’t forget to line your receptacles with bags to allow for safe handling by the maintenance staff.

Check out our brands!

We carry feminine product vending machines from great brands like Bobrick, ASI (American Specialties, Inc.), and Hospeco. Contact Air Delights to find out more about the benefits of having a menstrual care system, as well as the great products we have to offer.


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