It's about time to freshen your restroom!

Air Delights stocks an assortment of Fresh Products to leave restrooms smelling fresh and clean. Restroom odors can be a huge deterrent to your customers, and can affect their overall impression of your business. Many people attribute a smelly bathroom to a dirty one, and who can blame them?

Commercial restrooms require stronger odor eliminating solutions due to heavy use.

Unpleasant odors can be attributed to uric acid, feces, and body odor, which are amplified by the number of patrons or employees using your restroom. Odor-causing bacteria can accumulate on surfaces, including the floor, walls, partitions, and counters. Don’t just cover up smells with sprays or fragrances – attack the smell at the source with an odor-eliminator.

Air Delights offers a variety of products to help eliminate odors in your restroom!

Try one of our odor-eliminating chemicals or standing passive room air fresheners. Urinal or toilet areas need a freshening? We carry urinal blocks, mats, and screens, as well as toilet bowl freshening clips. You may not realize it, but floor drains can emit quite the odor – try our liquid drain treatment!

Don't allow a smelly restroom to get in the way of your business!

Invest in some fresh products from Air Delights to allow employees and patrons alike the best possible restroom experience.

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