Disposable safety gloves are an essential protection barrier for custodial staff, ensuring their hands remain uncontaminated and secure while performing their duties. Our wholesale powder-free disposable nitrile gloves offer a durable solution, resisting punctures and providing high sensitivity, which is paramount in commercial restroom environments. Hypoallergenic and compliant with the strictest standards, these gloves meet the demands of daily cleaning and maintenance tasks without compromising on comfort or dexterity.

In addition to nitrile options, our catalog also features wholesale disposable vinyl gloves catering to various protective needs within your workforce. These gloves are a cost-effective alternative, delivering adequate protection for general cleaning purposes. Lightweight yet resilient, our disposable safety gloves ensure that every custodial task is undertaken with hygiene and safety at the forefront, safeguarding staff and maintaining the pristine condition of your commercial restrooms.

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