Automatic toilet flushers are easy to install essential to flush urinals and toilets automatically in commercial restrooms providing a more hygienic experience for restroom patrons. Automatic Flushers are also available in retrofit (installs on your existing flush valve). Most automatic flushers work on C-Cell batteries, but some touchless flush valves are available in hardwire from Sloan Valve.

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Hands-free operations for hygienic convenience.


Sloan Valve Royal Automatic Flush Valve
Royal Flush Valve the original that started it all. The first of its kind. The first in its class.


Sloan Model Sensor Flush Valve
Durable and built to last. Fixed metering bypass technology for consistent performance.


Sloan Regal Automatic Flush Valve for Toilets and Urinals
Back-to-basics valves that deliver reliable quality, design and performance.


Sloan Valve G2 Optima Automatic Sensor Flush Valve
Sloan's most advanced electronic flushometer with hands-free operation.


Sloan ECOS Automatic Flush Valve available in single and dual flush models.
Dual-flush or single-flush, hands-free sensor operations reduce water volume by up to 30 percent.


Sloan SOLIS Sensor No-Touch Flush Valve for Commercial Restrooms and Bathrooms
The new standard in water efficiency. Solar-powered, sensor operated.
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