EAF-150 Optima i.q. Automatic Sensor Faucet with Single Supp


  • Optional integral temperature control lever allows the user to adjust the water temperature
  • Double infrared sensor has automatic setting feature and microprocessor
  • Models with the i.q. cliq feature enable user to control operation, such as allowing water to flow continuously or to shut off temporarily for maintenance, and come with the Drain Pop Up feature
  • Choose from models powered by a plug-in transformer or battery-powered models featuring a low-battery indicator

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EAF-150 Optima i.q. Automatic Sensor Faucet with Single Supp

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Optima i.q. EAF-100/150 deck-mount, chrome-plated electronic faucets are ideal for high-end or private restrooms that call for the convenience of automatic activation with the option of user-controlled settings. An optional control lever on the side of the one-piece faucet allows restroom visitors to set the faucet to the desired temperature.

Optima i.q. Faucet Installation

Sloan's EAF-150 electronic hands-free handwashing faucet is activated when the dual-infrared sensor detects a user's hands. An optional integral mixer located conveniently on the faucet allows the user to adjust the water temperature as desired.

Your Intelligent Choice

The new Optima i.q. faucet offers you a choice of battery or hardwired models with optional i.q.-cliq water flow button, a parameter-adjusting remote control and a drain pop-up.

  • 1. i.q.-cliq Button
    Sensor comfort feature allows for continuous ON for easy container filling, intermittent OFF for cleaning sinks and faucets, permanent OFF for energy savings during long absences.
  • 2. Smart Sensor
    Intelligent microprocessor and infrared dual sensor create an easy-to-deactivate and hassle-free continuous water-saving environment
  • 3. Touch-free Design
    Optimal hygiene is achieved through Sloan's exclusive touch-free design
  • 4. Temperature Control
    Infinitely adjustable and easily identifiable red and blue water temperature settings
  • 5. Remote Control Option
    Durable remote control hand-held testing device saves time and labor costs

European Styling... Superior Electronics

Advanced Design

Sloan's Optima i.q. faucet provides the contemporary styling demanded in today's new and renovated restrooms. The European design blends with a variety of finishes to complement any executive washroom, upscale restroom or residential application


Solid brass design, durable exterior finishes, vandal resistance and ADA compliance provide long life and reliability.


Smart microprocessor and infrared dual sensors provide years of trouble-free service. The Optima i.q. faucet can be easily programmed to shut off after one minute, saving water and energy. Simple battery replacement on the EAF 150 models, after "low battery signal" indication, ensures continuous operation


Infrared sensors provide ease of operation. Water flow when needed — every time. Adjustable temperature lever allows fixed setting or variations for maximum user comfort and convenience.


Touch-free operation helps prevent the spread of disease and encourages frequent handwashing


Electronics save water, reduce water bills and help preserve our most precious resource.


The word quality is synonymous with Sloan. Sloan continues to lead the plumbing industry in innovative products and systems.

Whatever your application or specification, Sloan's Optima i.q. electronic faucets meet all your requirements.

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Optima i.q. Faucet Installation