RESS-C G2 Optima Sloan Retrofit Automatic Flusher for Toilet


  • ADA-compliant retrofit conversion kits for Royal, Regal and Sloan exposed water closet and urinal Flushometers
  • Automatically operates by means of an infrared sensor with multiple-focused, lobular sensing fields for high and low target detection
  • Courtesy Flush override button allows user to flush at own discretion
  • Latching Solenoid Operator protects against moisture and keeps the moving components of the solenoid completely isolated from the water supply
  • Kits can include a valve body with an adjustable ground joint tailpiece connection to upgrade urinal Coyne and Delany valves without replacing supply stop and vacuum breaker or to upgrade Cambridge Brass Teck Valve water closet control stop

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RESS-C G2 Optima Sloan Retrofit Automatic Flusher for Toilet

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G2 Optima Plus Battery-Powered Retrofits for Existing Exposed Flushometer Valves

Sloan Valve G2 Optima Plus, the industry's most advanced battery-operated automatic Flushometer with a high-tech look and solid steel construction. Great for high abuse situations.

The G2 Optima Plus is available for Urinals or Toilets in both retrofit units to convert your existing flush

valves to automatic, or as a complete flush valve assembly.

The G2 Optima Plus retrofit turns any exposed manual Flushometer into advanced, state-of-the-art electronics for outstanding performance in the restroom.

Optima+ Flushometer Features

Sloan introduced the concept of "no-hands" electronics in the restroom with its Optima line of flushometers, faucets, and hand dryers. Now it takes another step forward with the introduction of G2 Optima Plus Flushometers — a battery powered, retrofit valve that installs in minutes on existing Sloan Royals Flushometers.

An Optima+ Flushometer will turn your manual Royal flushometer into an automatic, sensor-operated flushing system — and without the need for AC hookups. It is completely self-contained, and uses just four AA Duracell batteries to provide at least three years of operation under normal use.

The Optima+ Flushometer is the next generation of advanced plumbing products from Sloan Valve

Company. It represents your best choice for retrofit or new construction applications. Here's why:

  • Uses infrared to detect the presence of the user and automatically flushes after every use
  • Requires only one trade for installation
  • Provides a visual indication of sensor range at startup
  • Incorporates a low-battery indicator light. Delivers up to 4.000 flushes after low-battery indicator light flashes, assuring ample time for battery replacement
  • Keeps urinal bowl clean with "Sentinel" Flushing - 24-hours-after-last-flushing cycle
  • Uses energy-saving mode to extend battery life
  • Incorporates self-diagnostic circuitry. Utilizes modulated infrared signal