Automatic faucets are a great way to save water and create a more hygienic restroom. Automatic faucets or motion sensor bathroom faucets also provide a better patron restroom experience. Proven to reduce spread of germs & viruses because they are touch free.

Manual faucets offer individuals more control over their water consumption, making them ideal for industrial kitchens, laboratories, and commercial restrooms. Additionally, conserving water is a simple way to reduce your business's carbon footprint and monthly operational costs and water bills. Air Delights proudly carries a wide selection of commercial faucets in various exceptional finishes and designs, allowing you to maintain a cohesive layout and style throughout your space. Plus, we have a commercial bathroom sink faucet suitable for any application. Browse our Single Lever Faucets, Double Handle Faucets, Utility Spray Faucets with Vacuum Breaker, Centerset Faucets, and Flow Control Faucets. Contact our friendly team at Air Delights to learn more about the benefits of manual faucets, and order your own commercial bathroom faucets today!

Metering faucets are an excellent way to reduce the amount of water used each day! Environmental awareness has gained a lot of support and you can be proud you are doing your part in the green movement as well. Commercial grade available from T&S Brass and Zurn.

Service Sink faucets and Mop Sink faucets are great for janitorial or maintenance rooms. Many service sink faucets by T&S Brass and Zurn have built in vacuum breakers for back-flow prevention. Use in kithens, laundry rooms, garages etc for for bathing pets, hand washing laundry, washing gardening tools and other heavy duty chores.

Pre-rinse faucets are necessities in commercial kitchens. Pre-rinse faucets and large basin sinks are great tools to have. We offer commercial pre-rinse faucets in both wall mount and deck mount styles. With so many options you're sure to find the commercial pre-rinse faucet that best suits your needs. Commercial grade offered by Zurn and T&S Brass.


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