EAF-350 Sloan Battery Powered Automatic Faucet 1.5 gpm aerat


  • 6V Lithium CR-P2 Commercial Battery included
  • Water Supply Connection with Flexible High-Pressure Hose and Strainer
  • Adjustable Hot Water Limit Set
  • Magnetic Solenoid Valve
  • Double Infrared Sensor with Automatic Setting Feature and Microprocessor
  • Temperature Adjustable with mixer (EAF-350)
  • Modular One-Piece Construction with all Serviceable Componenets above deck

Downloads: Specs | Install | Maintenance

$ 461.50

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EAF-350 Sloan Battery Powered Automatic Faucet 1.5 gpm aerat

$ 461.5 / each
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Sloan EAF-350 Dual Infrared Sensor Faucets

Sloan's new EAF-350 series electronic hand washing faucets operate by means of a dual infrared sensor and microprocessor based logic. The modular design incorporates all the operating components of the faucet, including the sensor, solenoid, circuitry and battery above the sink deck within a die-cast metal spout.

ISM models feature an integral temperature control lever which allows the user to adjust the water temperature. This adjustment can also be converted to a fixed setting. EAF faucets ordered without the ISM variation must be connected to a single, pre-tempered water supply

Trim Plates

When the EAF faucet is installed on a sink that has three (3) hole punchings, a trim plate should be used. Trim plates must be specified and ordered separately.

  • ETF-312-A
    Trim Plate for 4" (102 mm) Centerset Sink
  • ETF-510-A
    Trim Plate for 8" (203 mm) Centerset Sink

SETTINGS: IR-Click Feature

The IR-Click is a detector located in the sensor window of the faucet spout that allows the user to place the faucet into the following function modes: Continuous Run, Temporary Off and Auto Set Range Adjustment.

Because the use of the IR-click feature requires familiarity with the faucet, this feature is not recommended for faucets intended for use by the general public.

The IR-Click is ideal for use in hospital rooms, executive restrooms and other locations where the primary user has regular contact with the product.

To use the IR-Click, cover bottom half of sensor with finger, wait 2 seconds for Green light, then remove finger. When in programming mode, each touch of IR-Click will produce a quick Green flash.

Function Press Button LED Signal
Temporary OFF
(2 min)
1. 1 time for 2s
2. 2 times (double push)
1. LED Green (1)
2. LED Red pulsating flashes
reset: 1 time or will reset automatically after 2 mins  
Continuous Run 2 min default setup (adjustable from 1-20 min) 1. 1 time for 2s
2. 1 time for 3-5s
1. LED Green (1)
2. Water flows after releasing
reset: 1 time or will reset automatically after 2 mins  
Auto Set Range Adjustment 1. 1 time for 2s
2. 2 times (double touch)
3. 1 time for 5s then hold till requested range is reached
4. Release
1. LED Green (1)
2. LED Red blinks
3. LED Red (1-8)
4. LED Green (1)

CAD Drawings:

  • EAF-350 Dual Infrared Sensor Faucets Download