5 Benefits of Touchless Commercial Faucets

It's time to modernize your building's restrooms by installing hardware that promotes cleaner and less-wasteful environments. Learn more about the benefits of touchless commercial faucets.

Eliminates Cross-Contamination

The most important benefit associated with automated sink faucets is the elimination of cross-contamination. For example, traditional faucets require physical contact to operate properly, increasing the chances of an individual spreading diseases and bacteria. Luckily, touch-free hardware removes that step, leading to a more sanitary restroom overall. Plus, this can curb the spread of illness throughout your entire building, making automated faucets ideal for schools, offices, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and more!

Conserves Energy Consumption

Water carries a hefty price tag each month. One way to limit your energy bills is by installing automatic touchless faucets. These items help regulate accessible water by only providing a sufficient amount of water per use. In turn, this significantly conserves your business's energy consumption, reducing operational costs overall. As a bonus, this energy-saving hack is extremely environmentally-friendly and contributes to reducing your carbon footprint!

Reduces Spillage and Water Waste

Along with conserving energy, limiting access to water helps reduce water spillage throughout your commercial restroom. Most importantly, this creates a much safer environment for patrons by eliminating slippery floors. Additionally, a dry bathroom is far more sanitary and enjoyable for individuals than a sopping wet one. Messy, chaotic facilities reflect poorly on your business and even your employees!

Superior Longevity

An underrated advantage associated with commercial touchless bathroom faucets is their durability and longevity. Traditional sink fixtures have a mechanical element that, over time and repeated use, wears down and suffers from various problems. Conversely, automated restroom faucets are rarely touched, reducing the chances of damage occurring. As such, touchless hardware is a much more valuable investment for your facility.

Improves the Bathroom Experience

Commercial restrooms with automated faucets possess an innate sense of "quality" that surprisingly improves the experience for patrons tremendously. The convenience and modern feel of touchless restroom hardware paints a positive picture of your business as a whole and creates a more welcoming atmosphere. Plus, installing these faucets is a minor change that will make a world of difference for your facilities.

The benefits of installing touchless commercial faucets are clear: they reduce operational costs and environmental impact while also limiting the spread of disease. Plus, they last a long time and help show your patrons you care about them and your business. Check out our selection of automated bathroom equipment and other helpful commercial supplies today!