A-1103-A Royal Performance Kit 2.4 gpf 9.0 Lpf Closet


  • Part Number: 3301152
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs.
  • A-1103-A Model
  • Dual-filter assembly prevents build-up
  • 2.4 gallons or 9.0 liters per flush
  • Fits Sloan Regal and Royal Toilet Flush Valves
  • Includes the following:
    • Dual-filter diaphragm assembly
      (includes relief valve, molded disc, guide assembly and diaphragm)
    • Handle repair kit with triple seal packing
    • High back pressure vacuum breaker repair kit
    • Tailpiece O-ring
$ 41.99

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A-1103-A Royal Performance Kit 2.4 gpf 9.0 Lpf Closet

$ 41.99 / each
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Dual-Filtered Diaphragm Assembly

Royal Flushometer & Dual-Filtered Diaphragm Assembly Diagram

Available in diaphragm only and Royal Performance Kits. Royal Performance Kit includes dual filtered diaphragm assembly, handle repair kit with triple seal packing, high back pressure vacuum breaker repair kit, and one tailpiece O-ring. Diaphragm Only KIT contains drop-in dual filtered diaphragm assembly ONLY.

The dual filtered diaphragm can be used in Royal, Regal, and similar diaphragm-style valve bodies. For use in Sloan valve bodies with a bell-shaped cover (manufactured before 1964), replace the bottom filter ring in these kits with a blue A-108 Filter Ring.

Note the smaller of the two diagrams: the colors of the relief valve and the refill head plus the shape of flow ring identify the flush volume of a Dual-Filtered Diaphragm Assembly.

NOTE: In January 1998, the Royal diaphragm design was upgraded to a pre-assembled unit with two (2) plastic filtering rings attached to the rubber diaphragm (one on top and one on bottom). If the flushometer you are servicing has our older, segmented diaphragm with brass by-pass hole, refer to our Regal section for additional troubleshooting information.