Tidal Wave Urinal Screen 60 Day - Mango - 6 Pack

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The Tidal Wave is a high end 60 day urinal screen. Containing 3 times the fragrance of it's closest competition, the Tidal Wave will keep any restroom fresh. The Tidal Wave contains beneficial bacteria, an elevated design, date tabs along the sides,

Tidal Wave Urinal Screen is available in the following fragrances: Spiced Apple, Cucumber Melon, Fresh Bloom, Mango, Honeysuckle, Coastal, Fabulous, Cotton Blossom, and Herbal Mint.

  • Freshens for 60 days.
  • Tidal Wave releases billions of optimized bacteria and has 5x more fragrance than the next closest competitor.
  • The double sided design makes installation a breeze.
  • Pull off the week & month tabs to set your reminder.
  • 50% less labor time for urinal screen change outs.
  • Eliminates splashback, cutting cleaning time and reducing labor costs.

Tidal Wave Urinal Screen 60 Day - Mango - 6 Pack

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