P- Shield Disposable Urinal Floor Mat

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The P-Shield Disposable Urinal Floor Mat's unique design allows men to stand closer to the target without stepping on the mat. It holds twice as much urine, has a none-slip bottom layer that seals the urine in and protects floors.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique shield design allows users to stand closer to the urinal without having to step on the mat
  • Lasts 60 days; twice as long as any other urinal mat
  • Reduces costs and labor by 50%. Our superabsorbent soaks in more than twice that of the leading mat
  • Replacement date indicator assures a cleaner, fresher restroom since you know when to replace it
  • Unique non-slip flexible materials and strong adhesive keep the mat in place
  • Hides stains and eliminates odors; our superabsorbent layers are blacks o they hide unsightly urine
  • Contains urine counteractant AND a mold inhibitor
  • "Odor lock technology" traps and eliminates urine and its odor, keeping your restroom smelling great

P- Shield Disposable Urinal Floor Mat

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P-Shield Urinal Mats absorb and neutralize uric acid, protecting your floors and keeping your restroom smelling great. An impenetrable bottom plastic layer keeps urine off the floor while a superabsorbent top layer consumes and neutralizes urine. Eliminates odors without fragrance. Every mat contains a mold inhibitor and an odor counteractant specifically designed for urine.