ourfreshe Plug-in Air Freshener Dispenser

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The professional 30-day plug-in air freshener for larger spaces

Provides up to 2x more fragrance than metered aerosol. Plus, it offers a much more consistent fragrance release from Day 1 to Day 30.

Dry Fragrance Inserts

Liquid free, dry fragrance inserts release the right amount of light, appealing fragrance, reducing fragrance overload, and eliminating floor residue.

Premium Look

The sleek, upscale design makes for a great appearance in any location.

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ourfreshe Plug-in Air Freshener Dispenser

$ 31.77 / each
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30-Day air-freshening for larger spaces
Dry fragrance refills contain 3-5 times more fragrance than grocery store purchased plug-ins and freshens more space.

Easy to use
The rotating plug works in any 3-prong outlet. The intensity button allows you to select the right setting, and there are no screws or tape needed to install.

Improves air quality
The high-speed fan draws air through the charcoal filter, helping to clean the air for a better experience.

Refills are 100% recyclable, contain a biodegradable additive, and there are no batteries required.

High-quality fragrance solutions
We offer a range of fragrances to complement every type of space.

Versatile & expandable
Use one dispenser for spaces 250- 500 sq. ft. Add additional units to freshen larger areas.