Bio-Snake Grease Trap Liquid

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Bio Snake

Grease trap & drain treatment

Environmentally Friendly

All natural, non-toxic, non-acid, non-caustic liquid drain product contains billions of select spore bacteria.

Great for Drains and Traps

As a drain treatment, just pour down the drain. Reduces BOD, while digesting organic waste, grease, fats, oils and proteins.

Eliminates Odors at the Source

As an all purpose deodorizer, use with a trigger sprayer to eliminate all types of naturally occurring odors at their source. Great for eliminating odors in grease traps, floor drains, toilets, urinals, holding tanks, septic tanks, RV/camper toilets.

Fresh Scent

Fragrance freshens the air and lingers.

Ready to use - no dilution needed

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Bio-Snake Grease Trap Liquid

$ 69.47 / each
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Combat grease with the Bio-Snake. The specialized formula contains grease-eating bacteria that destroys malodors by eliminating them at the source. Use it as a drain treatment to reduce BOD (biological oxygen demand) and eliminate grease build-up in pipes and grease traps.

Key Benefits

  • Grease-Eating Bacteria: contains billions of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that destroy malodors by eliminating the source
  • Bacteria produce enzymes to digest the waste naturally, feeding on fats, oils and greases as well as solids
  • As a drain treatment, reduces BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and reduces grease build-up in pipes and grease traps
  • Performance Guaranteed: Better BOD, TSS and COD levels in 60 days