WaterFree Urinal Cleaner Deodorizer Concentrate Refill 2pk



The Clean Green WaterFree Urinal Cleaner/Deodorizer provides a quick, easy cleaning solution for Sloan WaterFree Urinals. Sprayed solution may be wiped with a clean cloth or allowed to air dry. Cleaner concentrate refill provides a closed loop mixing system where the user experiences no chemical contact during bottle filling. Refill size is space saving and economical. Formula is biodegradable.

This includes just the Clean Green concentrate.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides 100% product yield
  • Eliminates dilution error
  • Reduces labor, time and pilferage
  • OSHA-compliant sprayer bottle
  • Saves 73% in space and 97% weight
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WaterFree Urinal Cleaner Deodorizer Concentrate Refill 2pk

$ 11.21 / each
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There are four primary functions of the cartridge system:

  • The cartridge acts as a funnel, allowing liquid from the bowl to flow into the cartridge.
  • As liquid waste enters the cartridge, our sealant liquid creates a barrier between the waste and open air, thus eliminating odors.
  • The cartridge acts as a filter for uric sediment. Much of the sediment that can cause drainage pipe corrosion is trapped at the bottom of the cartridge.
  • The cartridge allows the remaining waste to be freely disposed of down the drain.



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