Bobrick Automatic Hand Dryer - White Cover - 115V


  • Infrared, no-touch
  • Ultra-slim hand dryer housed in a stunning new design
  • designed to complement any washroom environment
  • Awarded the Quiet Mark for its commitment to sound level reduction (70dBA)
  • Dry time: 17 seconds
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Bobrick Automatic Hand Dryer - White Cover - 115V

$ 566.08 / each
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Features and Benefits

Life expectancy, increased speed, reduced noise and power consumption... our customers can expect these attributes of our hand dryers but they must also fit with the style, space and user requirements of the washroom.

Factors to consider can vary from sector to sector.

For instance, high end hotels or prestigious offices will want to enhance the visitor experience, while for hospitals and educational facilities, durable equipment is key. Suitability for the end user needs to be carefully considered by architects, designers and facilities managers when planning and designing washroom facilities.


With its fast drying time of less than 15 seconds, the Bobrick Hand Dryer is perfect for high traffic areas. Servicing the product is quick and easy - it can take as little as three minutes to complete the job.


Our hand dryers are ideal for heavy traffic environments because they eliminate the mess and waste that can be caused by soiled paper towels. They offer a hygienic alternative to paper and roller towels because there is no risk of cross-infection from soiled towels.


High performance hand dryers no longer have to be noisy. The World Health Organization highlights that excessive noise can cause stress and be harmful to our health. Many children find noisy appliances frightening, something that can be particularly acute for children with autistic spectrum disorders. Bobrick's commitment to noise reduction in its hand dryer development has raised the bar in the manufacture of quieter, high speed hand dryers. All our dryers keep noise levels to a minimum and we are proud that our Hand Dryer was the first fast-dry model to be awarded the UK Noise Abatement Society's Quiet Mark.

Cost Reductions

When choosing hand dryers, companies should compare their cost performance against a number of criteria including power consumption, ease of servicing and life expectancy. Not surprisingly, the longer a dryer's life, the lower the cost per dry, and the better the return on investment.

On-going cost calculations should be built in at the design stage as maintenance costs can be high. For example, hand dryers are a perfect solution for school settings where paper towels can be strewn across washroom floors or even thrown into toilets, resulting in blockages and expensive repairs. Supplies of paper towels also need to be constantly replenished an expense that is eliminated when hand dryers are installed.

Organizations should also investigate whether they can benefit from any financial rewards from investing in sustainable equipment. Bobrick's Hand Dryer may qualify for tax incentives