Bobrick B-72860 Surface-Mounted Roll Paper Towel Dispenser

Bobrick Restroom Accessory


Durable plastic construction with a translucent cover and touch-free towel pull mechanism.

  • Dispenses 12" (305mm) length of economical, non-perforated universal roll paper towels
  • Accommodates 8" (205mm) wide and up to 8" (205mm) diameter rolls, plus 3-1/2" (90mm) stub roll with automatic transfer
  • Pull force to operate 1.8 lbs (8.0 N)
  • Locking cabinet furnished with removable and permanent keys
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Bobrick B-72860 Surface-Mounted Roll Paper Towel Dispenser

$ 173.34 / each
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B-72860 should be cleaned with a soft cloth; do not use abrasive cleaning pads

Surface-mounted roll-paper-towel dispenser shall have durable, high-impact, dark translucent grey resin door with high-gloss finish on exposed surfaces and durable, high-impact, light grey resin housing with matte finish. Door shall be secured to housing with two stainless steel hinge pins and keyed lock. Door shall have lock which is opened with removable or permanent key. Towel mechanism accommodates up to 8" (205mm) wide, 8" (205mm) diameter, non-perforated paper towel rolls. Touch-Free pull towel mechanism dispenses one 12" (300mm) length of towel per pull. User only touches the paper. Automatic transfer shall dispense stub roll up to 3-1/2" (90mm) diameter before new roll is dispensed. Equipped with paper towel feed wheel for use in filling the dispenser, for user to advance paper should it become necessary to feed paper through dispenser. Paper towels are dispensed with pull force of less than 5 pounds (22.2N) to comply with barrier-free accessibility guidelines (including ADAAG in U.S.A.).