Solis Dual Flush Solar Powered Automatic Flusher for Toilets


  • State-of-the-art photovoltaic technology delivers solar operation
  • Sensor assembly is powered by a solar cell that will harvest power from artificial indoor light (incandescent, fluorescent or LED) and use it as the energy source
  • Batteries provide back-up energy
  • Automatically initiates a 1.1 gpf or 1.6 gpf flush based on how long user remains in sensor range
  • Operates by means of an infrared sensor with multiple-focused, lobular sensing fields for high and low target detection
  • User-friendly, three-second flush delay
  • Override button enables manual flushing if sensor's power source fails
  • High copper, low zinc brass castings for dezincification resistance

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Solis Dual Flush Solar Powered Automatic Flusher for Toilets

$ 449.83 / each
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Sloan SOLIS® Exposed Solar-Powered Dual-Flush Water Closet Flushometers

Sloan's SOLIS exposed, solar-powered, dual-flush water closet flushometers, which are part of the Sloan SOLIS Collection, are the industry's first solar-powered, sensor-activated flushometers. The dual-flush model has two flush cycles: Users can choose the full 1.6 gpf (6.0 Lpf) flush for

solid waste or the reduced flush of 1.1 gpf (4.2 Lpf) for liquid waste. If the user does not press a button, the flushometer's dual-flush Smart Sense Technology takes over and automatically initiates a flush cycle, based on how long the user remains in the sensor range.