RESS-U-0.5 Solis Solar Powered Automatic Flusher for Urinals


  • ADA-compliant, exposed, solar-powered, sensor-operated single-flush Flushometer
  • Sensor assembly is powered by a solar cell that will harvest power from artificial indoor light (incandescent, fluorescent or LED) and use it as the energy source
  • Automatically operates by means of an infrared sensor with multiple-focused, lobular sensing fields for high and low target detection
  • Override Button enables flushing during a power outage or at user's discretion
  • High Copper, low zinc brass castings for dezincification resistance
  • Fixed metering bypass and no external volume adjustment to ensure water conservation

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RESS-U-0.5 Solis Solar Powered Automatic Flusher for Urinals

$ 449.83 / each
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Sloan SOLIS Exposed Solar-Powered Single-Flush Water Closet Flushometers

Sloan's SOLIS Collection of solar-powered plumbing products includes single-flush water closet flushometers. These flushometers use light to charge a highly efficient capacitor, providing power even in

rooms with occupancy-controlled lighting. These revolutionary plumbing products offer engineers and designers a way to visibly express a facility's commitment to sustainability.