FlushMate M-101526-F31 Tank for all except Kohler K4404



The M-101526-F31 Flushmate System is a complete pressure-assist flush 1.6 gpf system for 503 series tanks. It fits all 503 series toilets EXCEPT for the Kohler 4404.

Flushmate products cannot be retrofitted to existing gravity toilet bowls. Use only with Flushmate-equipped toilets.


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FlushMate M-101526-F31 Tank for all except Kohler K4404

$ 167.72 / each
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Sloan Flushmate 503 Series
Find the serial number on your tank label

Model No. M-101526-F31
FLUSHMATE System 1.6 gpf - For all OEMS except Kohler K-4404 tank and Gerber 28-385 tank

Verify Configuration on serial number XXXXXX-F31-XXXX

Direct Replacement for configuration style F3A, F31A, F3AR, F3C, F3CR, F3E, F3ER, F3G, F3G2, F3K1, F3K2, F3L, F3LR, F3R, F3M, F3MP, F3MR, F03, F3U, F3UR, F30, F31, F34

Replacement kit includes:
(1) Flushmate Complete System 503
(1) Flushmate Complete Service Manual for 503 Series
(1) Bulk Pack kit for M-101526-F31 Series


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