Why Every School Should Offer Feminine Product Dispensers

Academic environments should be calming, safe spaces that promote learning and personal development. Here are three reasons why every school should offer feminine product dispensers in their restrooms.

Alleviates Stress From Students' Lives

The life of an average student, regardless of age or situation, is just plain stressful. And a student worrying about menstruation, on top of all their other concerns and responsibilities, is more likely to struggle with school and mental health.

Our education environments should be safe spaces where students are comfortable learning and growing-providing the proper hygienic products in accessible locations helps promote that development. Plus, it removes stigmas associated with menstruation, helping boost confidence, self-image, and respect throughout the student population.

In Some States, It's the Law

Providing accessible feminine products in school is an ethical thing to do-even still, some states go the extra mile and legally require tampon vending machines in all academic institutions. As of 2022, Delaware, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, Nevada, California, and the District of Columbia all have legislation relating to feminine product access in schools.

Many of these laws mandate that students in grades 6-12 must have access to free tampons and other menstrual items in every bathroom. It's important that your facility fully understand state laws when setting up tampon dispensers. For instance, Oregon's Menstrual Dignity Act includes students of all genders from grades K-12.

It's the Fair Thing To Do

Ultimately, providing your students with free access to feminine products is the fair thing to do. Whether you've experienced the ups and downs of menstruation or not, all students deserve an environment that's beneficial to personal growth, development, and mental care.

Furthermore, these programs should be expanded to all bathrooms, as many students who experience menstruation don't identify as female. And for those who don't require feminine products, the presence of these dispensers throughout restrooms helps instill respect for their peers who do use them and normalizes menstruation.

Understanding why every school should offer feminine product dispensers in accessible locations can help you create a safe and more beneficial learning environment for all students. If you require tampon dispensers and other helpful restroom supplies, check out our selection here at Air Delights!