Tips for Preventing Commercial Restroom Odors

Public restrooms are prone to occasional lingering smells. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to combat foul odors passively without breaking the bank. Read on to learn three helpful tips for preventing commercial restroom odors.

Prioritize Problematic Areas

Certain areas in your commercial restroom are more odor prone than others. These spaces are often urinals and toilet stalls. Obviously, these locations are heavily used, and sometimes, the smell lingers. Prevent unpleasant odors from festering by targeting problematic areas with helpful tools.

For example, urinal screens and blocks (cakes) absorb urine chemicals that produce smells, keeping the surrounding area fresh. Toilet and urinal mats, which collect spilled urine and fluids and prevent them from seeping into the ground, are other examples of effective solutions to pervasive odor problems.

Implement Automated Air Fresheners

Aside from prioritizing problematic areas, cover the rest of your commercial restroom by investing in automated air fresheners. These devices contain interchangeable deodorizing fragrances and dispense pre-programmed amounts through motion activation or pre-set timers. Placing one air freshener by the toilets and another near the bathroom entrance can actively prevent odors from overstaying their welcome. Choose a light, non-offensive scent when ordering fragrances to provide a more inviting and fresh restroom environment.

Use Aggressive Cleaning Products

Most unpleasant restroom odors originate from unsanitary conditions, including dirty floors, countertops, and walls full of bacteria and other harmful contaminants. As such, your custodial staff must use robust, aggressive cleaning products to ensure a hygienic and fresh bathroom.

For instance, consider using an odor digester when cleaning urine and other bodily waste; these bio-enzymatic chemicals contain good bacteria that eliminate harmful organisms through biodegradation. Odor digesters are ideal for cleaning grout, a porous building material that often harbors waste and foul smells. Avoid using standard residential cleaning products, as these items lack the proper ingredients to break down bacteria.

Use these tips for preventing commercial restroom odors and ensure a more inviting and hygienic environment for your building occupants. Additionally, check out our quality selection of commercial restroom air fresheners and fragrances here at Air Delights!