Tips for Installing Commercial Automatic Toilet Flushers

Automatic toilet flushers offer numerous benefits in commercial restrooms. These innovative devices are integral to touchless bathrooms, which are quite popular in commercial establishments due to their superior hygiene standards. By reducing direct contact, these toilet flushers-and the entire touchless bathroom layout-mitigate the spread of germs and bacteria. Additionally, automatic flushers contribute to efficient waste management, thereby maintaining cleanliness and preventing unpleasant odors while also saving you on monthly utility expenses. Read on to learn three helpful tips for installing commercial automatic toilet flushers.

Understand Your Equipment

In the process of installing an automatic toilet flusher, you must first understand your equipment. Familiarize yourself with the major components of the flushing system, which generally include the sensor, valve, and battery/hardwiring.

The sensor is what detects the presence of a user and triggers the flush; it usually sits on the faceplate of the flusher. The flush valve controls water flow during the actual flushing process. While traditional toilets employ a manually operated valve, automated toilet flushers activate the valve without user intervention. Of course, this action requires power, either through a battery compartment or hardwiring into your building's existing electrical infrastructure.

Follow the Manufacturer's Instructions

Once you understand your equipment's components, you can move on to the installation. The most important part of the installation process is adhering to the manufacturer's instructions. Whether you are installing a Toto or Sloan automatic flush valve, these guidelines ensure you assemble and operate the system correctly.

Manufacturers design their products with specific parameters, and their user manuals provide accurate, step-by-step instructions that consider these unique features. Following these guidelines ensures optimal flusher performance, enhances the longevity of the equipment, and maintains the validity of the warranty. Ignoring these instructions might result in improper installation, leading to malfunctions, reduced efficiency, and potential damage to the system. Conveniently, our Air Delights team provides a digital copy of the installation manual for each of our products!

Consider Professional Assistance

For more complex installations, you may want to consider hiring professionals. Experts possess the necessary skills, experience, and tools to execute the job accurately and efficiently. Professionals can also identify and preemptively address potential issues, ensuring smooth operation of the flushers.

However, professional installation does come with its own set of cons. The primary one is cost. Hiring professionals can be significantly more expensive than doing the installation yourself. Additionally, scheduling conflicts and availability can also pose challenges.

Therefore, weigh your options carefully before deciding. If the installation process seems too complex or if it involves extensive plumbing or electrical work, professional help might be the best choice.

Follow these tips for installing commercial automatic toilet flushers to help ensure a smooth and effective process. For additional assistance or guidance, don't hesitate to contact our friendly team here at Air Delights!