Tips for Designing Your Commercial Bathroom

Are you starting the plans for a brand new construction project or simply updating your building's existing public restrooms? If so, it's essential that you create a solid design before breaking ground to ensure the most inviting experience for guests. Read on to learn our three tips for designing your commercial bathroom.

Prioritize the Patron's Experience

Regardless of the specific fixtures and layout plans you want to implement in your facilities, you must always consider the patron's experience and how they interact with your commercial bathroom space. It's highly recommended that you create an inviting and comfortable environment that affords each patron relaxing, productive personal time. You can achieve this through minor and major design choices-ambient lighting, pleasant fragrances, and high-performance water closets are all elements that promote a more welcoming environment.

Increase Hygiene With Automation

Enhancing the patron's experience goes beyond implementing simple air fragrances or soft lighting; you must also provide a hygienic environment that actively combats the spread of illness throughout your building. Installing automated restroom fixtures, such as motion-activated sink faucets, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, and hand dryers, eliminates potential cross-contamination across many common surfaces, leading to a more sanitary experience for your guests. As a bonus, automated commercial restroom accessories reduce operational expenses, such as monthly energy bills or excessive resource restocking.

Consider an Open Concept Layout

Of course, bathroom design isn't limited to helpful fixtures and accessories, so let's explore a broader design topic-the layout of your facilities. Surprisingly, arrangement plays a critical role in the functionality and enjoyment of your bathroom environment. Many businesses ignore this fact and create run-of-the-mill, cramped public water closets that offer more frustration than relief. To avoid this, consider implementing an open concept for your bathroom. Simply knocking down unnecessary walls and obstructions can dramatically improve flow, atmosphere, and perceived restroom size.

Use these helpful tips for designing your commercial bathroom to ensure a more sanitary, comfortable, and inviting environment for building occupants and guests. Additionally, please browse our selection at Air Delights and stock up on essential bathroom fixtures, resources, tools, accessories, and more today.