The Advantages of Commercial Hand Dryers

There are many simple ways to boost the experience and cleanliness of your building's restroom, from ensuring your supplies are always stocked to conducting regular inspections. Additionally, you can install certain equipment that reduces costs, is environmentally friendly, eliminates cross-contamination, and make maintaining your restroom much easier overall. Here are the four advantages of commercial hand dryers.

Lower Resource Costs

Quite obviously, installing commercial hand dryers in your restrooms eliminates the need for paper towels. In turn, this lowers the costs of resources required to maintain a sanitary and inviting bathroom space. Additionally, automatic hand-drying machines are significantly less expensive to maintain than mechanical paper towel dispensers.

Reduced Bathroom Maintenance

Commercial hand dryers aren't just easy to maintain-their addition makes bathroom maintenance less costly and labor-intensive for custodial staff. Hand dryers eliminate time and effort wasted on picking up discarded paper towels, refilling dispensers, and making regular repairs. Paper towels are also often mistakenly discarded into toilets, causing many expensive plumbing problems that demand repairs or total replacements.

Environmentally Friendly

The impact might seem insignificant, but ditching paper waste in favor of automatic commercial hand dryers is essential for conservation. Unfortunately, paper towels cause damage and harm to ecosystems, whether due to littering or poor recycling habits. Regardless, it's important to reduce your business's environmental impact in an effort to protect the Earth. Commercial hand dryers are a simple step toward accomplishing that feat!

Increased Sanitation

Unfortunately, not every individual who uses your commercial bathroom possesses proper hygienic habits. When people wash their hands poorly, they can potentially spread germs by touching various components on paper towel dispensers. You can easily eliminate this cross-contamination by installing paperless drying solutions. There are automatic sensor-activated paper towel dispensers you can install that are more sanitary than traditional dispensers, but fully removing paper towels from your bathroom ensures a much cleaner environment for patrons.

There are plenty of practical, health, and financial advantages to installing commercial hand dryers in your building's bathroom. Check out our selection of hand-drying equipment sold at Air Delights. Contact our team today for additional information concerning our bathroom supplies and related products.