Sloan Regal vs. Royal Flushometer Flush Valves

Are you in the market for a new toilet or urinal diaphragm? Picking the most effective product relative to your business's needs isn't always easy, especially with so many options available online. Consider the differences between two of the more popular flushometer flush valves, the Sloan Regal and Royal, to determine which is right for your specifications.

The Sloan Regal Flushometer

The Sloan Regal flushometer flush valve is ideal for very specific applications and settings. Mainly, it's best suited for water closets that require Para-Flo technology-Para-Flo is Sloan's compatible technology for high-efficiency fixtures.

The Regal flushometer is an undoubtedly effective and durable commercial restroom mechanism, but when compared to other diaphragm styles, it is relatively outdated. Regal flushometers lack bypass components that prevent debris-related complications during water main breaks. Without these components, Regal diaphragms are often damaged beyond repair following these occasions.

The Sloan Royal Flushometer

The Sloan Royal flushometer flush valve is a far more modern diaphragm style than its Regal counterpart. Unlike the Regal, the Royal features bypass components for increased diaphragm protection during water main breaks and other plumbing complications.

These bypass elements include protected and dual-filtered bypasses, as well as a highly effective high-pressure vacuum breaker. Together, these additional aspects make the Royal an economical option for commercial restrooms. As a helpful bonus, taking apart and cleaning the Royal following a clog is extremely quick, non-disruptive, and affordable.

The Final Verdict

It's clear that the Sloan Royal flushometer flush valve is a more reliable and affordable option for a commercial bathroom than Regal flushometer products. The Royal is designed to prevent common clogs and remains completely functional following major plumbing complications, while the Regal lacks many of the features that make this possible.

However, this isn't to say the Regal is an objectively poor flushometer option-tankless diaphragm-style flush valves of any kind are extremely beneficial in commercial bathroom settings. If your existing water closet operates normally with Regal flushometer flush valves, don't spend additional money to replace them with Royal alternative products. Although, if you're afforded the luxury to select your next automatic urinal flush valve, we recommend the Sloan Royal.

Whether your facilities utilize Regal or Royal flushometer diaphragms, our team at Air Delights has the proper Sloan flush valves and parts for your needs. Check out our quality selection of commercial restroom products and equipment to ensure your lavatories are welcoming and enjoyable.