Signs Your Bathroom Partitions Need New Hardware

Stalls are vital in any commercial restroom to provide valuable privacy for public calls of nature. However, these structures are vulnerable to degradation and, over time, can cause health and safety hazards for building visitors and occupants. Here are three clear signs that your bathroom partitions need new hardware to ensure your restroom patrons experience a safe and inviting environment.

Obvious Wear & Tear

General wear and tear is a solid indicator that your partition hardware is ready for replacement. Corrosion, specifically, is a clear sign of damage and is often irreparable. Aside from its unappealing aesthetic, rust is a health hazard for your bathroom patrons. When left unattended, rusted hardware can break, causing your partitions to fall and potentially damage other fixtures or injure guests. Other signs of obvious hardware wear and tear include cracks, damaged fastenings, and vandalism.

Loose & Wobbly Components

Loose and wobbly stall doors and walls are another clear sign of damaged hardware. Sometimes, the problem is quickly fixed by refastening misaligned hardware parts. But in most cases, the wobbly effect indicates either improper installation or worn-out hardware components. With that, it's essential for you to quickly replace the damaged elements and realign your partition walls properly. Similar to wear and tear, loose and wobbly water closets are a potential hazard for restroom guests.

Functional Difficulties

Eventually, hardware becomes old and outdated. As a result, partition hardware elements lose their functionality over time and become increasingly difficult to operate. If you and your patrons struggle to secure stall doors because of finicky mechanisms, your hardware is likely ready for replacement. Of course, ensuring your patrons have fully operational water closets helps improve the overall restroom experience. But more importantly, repairing and replacing faulty hardware makes your restroom environment more accessible and ADA-compliant.

Remember these three signs that your bathroom partitions need new hardware to provide a safe restroom environment for your patrons. Additionally, stock up on quality commercial toilet repair parts and other helpful hardware products from Air Delights.