How Hand Dryers Lower Your Company's Energy Costs

One of the most difficult tasks thrown upon company owners and managers is the responsibility of handling monthly utility bills. These expenses tend to grow over time, forcing buildings to find smarter, more advanced methods for reducing energy consumption.

Surprisingly, you can make a significant difference in your building's energy efficiency by updating certain equipment in your commercial restrooms. Read on to learn how hand dryers-specifically newer models-can lower your company's energy costs. Additionally, discover the many other cost-saving and health benefits of this hygienic technology.

Modern Hand Dryers Do More With Less

Not every hand dryer is energy efficient. In fact, most drying units manufactured in North America before the 2000s are nearly twice as inefficient as their modern counterparts. This is because older devices lack the power capabilities to produce proper airflow in an effective manner. They either draw too little energy, requiring longer usage periods per restroom patron, or they overcompensate and consume massive quantities instead, increasing your monthly energy costs. Basically, outdated hand dryers are a lose-lose scenario for your business.

Around the 2000s, hand dryer technology evolved tremendously. Devices like the Xlerator and Jet Towel could take small amounts of energy and properly dry hands in just over 10-15 seconds. Plus, these newer products were far quieter and more durable compared to traditional models. Ultimately, modern commercial restroom appliances like hand dryers do more with less, both by providing higher quality services and costing less each month.

Bonus Company Savings

So, you now know that modern commercial restroom hand dryers are incredibly affordable to power throughout your building. However, that benefit alone isn't the only factor making these devices valuable for a company's bottom line. Hand dryers are incredibly cost-effective when compared to another hand-drying technique-paper towels.

The costs associated with ordering paper towels and restocking dispensers are significantly more than the cost of energy requirements for hand-drying devices. It's highly recommended that businesses reduce the number of paper towel dispensers in their commercial lavatories to just a few, and replace the available spaces with efficient blowers to maximize the benefits of both drying methods.

Additional Benefits of Hand Dryers

There are many more important benefits associated with hand dryers. Mainly, modern devices are supremely more hygienic compared to outdated blowing devices. This is because older models mostly relied on hot air to compensate for low power capabilities. However, the warming components inside those devices are highly prone to bacteria and mold growth. Since newer hand dryers produce fast, cold air, they are less likely to harbor and spread harmful organisms throughout the restroom environment.

Understanding how hand dryers can lower your company's energy costs, among many other benefits, highlights how important these devices are for commercial restrooms. Luckily, Air Delights carries quality hand dryers and blowers with efficiency ratings that will help your building or business save on utility expenses.