How Do Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers Work?

We mentioned many times on this blog the importance of maintaining an inviting and clean commercial bathroom environment for your patrons. One way to improve the effectiveness of your handwashing stations, minimize waste and clutter, and boost the overall experience of your restroom is by installing automatic paper towel dispensers. But how do they work? Read on to learn more about these essential bathroom appliances and why you should invest in them for your facilities.

The Basics of Touch-Free Paper Towel Dispensers

Touch-free paper towel dispensers are by far the most popular form of these automated devices, which you activate by waving your hands over a sensor. These dispensers are battery powered, typically by D-size alkaline batteries, and last for 90-100 800-foot rolls. Some models even feature a low battery indicator to ensure proper functionality at all times.

The smart technology inside touch-free paper towel dispensers provides superior control over various dispensing settings, such as delay, paper length, and more. The benefits of choosing touch-free paper towel dispensers are clear. They reduce cross-contamination and help curb the spread of illness throughout a building, making them popular options for schools, businesses, and other commercial facilities.

Alternative Devices: Manual or Automatic

The term "automated" might lead people to believe that all automated paper towel dispensers are battery operated. However, there are other alternative devices available that use mechanisms that aren't powered by electricity.

For instance, manual or automatic paper towel dispensers feature a pull mechanism that allows the device to automatically dispense another sheet of paper without requiring the user to touch a lever or button. Rather, they pull down on the roll of paper towels, ensuring a consistent and sanitary flow of towels. If you're hesitant about investing in battery-powered dispensers, consider manual or automatic devices.

Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser Tips

Purchasing one or multiple automatic paper towel dispensers is a step in the right direction toward creating a cleaner and more enjoyable bathroom environment. Yet, it's essential that you maintain these devices to ensure continued success for your commercial restroom.

Remember to keep dispensers well stocked with paper towel supplies, as well as batteries if necessary. Keep these devices clean and sanitized to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of illness. Additionally, fix any damages immediately to prevent further issues from developing.

Understanding how automatic paper towel dispensers work can help you better maintain your devices, helping improve your business's restroom experience. Order your commercial paper towel dispensers today from us at Air Delights!