Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers

Most modern restrooms feature intuitive, automated technology to eliminate cross-contamination, all while enhancing sanitation and the overall bathroom experience. However, there are still plenty of benefits to providing your facility patrons with manually-operated lavatory equipment. Read on to learn the advantages and drawbacks of commercial paper towel dispensers and hand dryers. This way, you can discover the ideal solution for your business.

Advantages of Paper Towel Dispensers

Manually operated commercial paper towel dispensers are ideal for fast-paced, dynamic environments, thanks to their convenience and versatility. Instead of waiting for a hand dryer, restroom visitors can quickly leave, streamlining overall traffic. Plus, paper towels are slightly more effective at completely drying dirty extremities and are a more hygienic drying method than automated dryers overall. Lastly, paper towels are much less abrasive and irritating than hot air, helping you and others maintain healthier skin.

Disadvantages of Paper Towel Dispensers

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks associated with paper towel dispensers. The main concern for your business is the cost of maintaining proper inventory. Since these dispensers rely on a steady supply of paper products, your building will spend more each month on orders and restocking labor. Additionally, restrooms with paper towel dispensers are more likely to collect waste on the floors and counters. This decreases the overall experience for your future bathroom patrons and increases work for your custodial staff. Lastly, paper towel waste is eventually harmful to the environment, contributing to climate change and potentially hurting surrounding ecosystems.

Advantages of Hand Dryers

Automated hand dryers eliminate the need for paper products, which significantly reduces your overall operating costs. And with an energy-efficient model, monthly electricity bills remain affordable! Unlike paper towel dispensers, hand dryers produce zero waste and actively lower a business's carbon footprint. Lastly, by eliminating paper products from your restroom, you increase the likelihood of your environment remaining clean and welcoming.

Disadvantages of Hand Dryers

Automated hand dryers, while effective, can harbor bacteria if left uncleaned. As such, these products require serious care and attention throughout their lifespans to ensure proper hygiene and functionality. Plus, these devices are significantly more expensive upfront and to repair compared to manually-operated equipment. Finally, certain patrons enjoy using paper towels. This may be for more effective drying or to provide additional germ protection when touching other restroom surfaces.

The final verdict on whether commercial paper towel dispensers or hand dryers are better for your business is, unfortunately, quite complicated. While both options feature drawbacks, they each can benefit your patrons and restroom overall. As such, consider taking advantage of both methods! By having both automated and manually-operated hand drying solutions, you can ensure a more sanitary and welcoming environment. Order your required bathroom products and parts from our friendly team at Air Delights!