5 Signs Your Commercial Toilet Needs Repair

Many elements are required to create an ideal bathroom experience for guests and employees. Arguably, the most essential aspect is the toilet. And since these latrines experience significantly more use than their residential counterparts, performance issues and eventual parts replacements are expected. But what are the signs that indicate your commercial toilet needs repair services?

Physical Damages

Commercial toilets are more likely to experience damage due to increased use. For example, chipping and cracking are common issues that impact various toilet parts and components. Quite obviously, these damages indicate the need for repairs.

It's crucial that you correct these complications immediately and prevent access to affected toilets until repair services are completed. Cracks and other surface imperfections are breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and other harmful germs. Additionally, metal toilets with any sign of rust and corrosion must be replaced, as this wear and tear can quickly spread to the entire unit.

Unusual Sounds

Properly functioning, good-quality toilet bowls make minimal, consistent flushing sounds. Alternatively, an overly vocal toilet that gurgles when flushed most likely indicates a problem with the hardware itself. Specifically, certain suction noises may signal a more significant sewer issue, like a drain obstruction. The sound itself is produced by sewer gases improperly escaping through the toilet.


Leaks stemming from your commercial toilet are very concerning. When left unchecked, the excess moisture causes structural complications and mold growth. Plus, the water waste increases plumbing costs and the business's overall carbon footprint and environmental impact. Often, leaks are due to cracks in porcelain parts, damaged seals, and faulty flush valves. Regardless of the origin, any sign of leakage around your toilet will most likely require repair services.

Subpar Flush Performance

Another clear indication of toilet trouble is subpar flush performance. Basically, a quality commercial toilet can effectively self-dispose in one or two flushes. A toilet that requires further flushing is probably suffering from a faulty flush mechanism or damaged flush valve. Furthermore, flush-related issues sometimes point to low water pressure or clogged water jets inside the toilet system.

Repeated Complications

If your toilet problems persist despite regular troubleshooting, it may be time to look for a replacement unit. Ultimately, a problematic latrine only causes more complications for businesses. They're more expensive to maintain, are less desirable to restroom guests, and eventually end up causing even worse damage down the line. Instead, invest in a new unit and save money, time, and labor.

Look out for these five signs your commercial toilet needs repair services to ensure your bathroom is functional and inviting. Check out Air Delights' selection of quality commercial toilet parts for all your restroom troubleshooting needs.