5 Commercial Restroom Items To Always Have on Hand

For building- and facility-owners, maintaining clean, functional bathrooms is vital for public hygiene and satisfaction. Here are five commercial restroom items you should always have on hand.

Urinal Mats, Screens, and Cakes

Urinals are prone to getting dirty very quickly. As such, it's essential you have certain urinal accessories on hand at all times to help keep that section of the restroom more sanitary. Urinal mats, for one, help prevent urine from settling on the floor. Additionally, urinal screens help maintain a healthy drainage system for all your urinals by preventing unwanted items from getting flushed. Lastly, urinal cakes keep your urinal extra clean by absorbing odors and bacteria. Ensure these three accessories are in your restroom to maintain a pleasant, clean environment.

Fully Stocked Toilet Paper Dispensers

A common occurrence in commercial bathrooms is an insufficient toilet paper supply in each stall. It's crucial that all bathroom stalls feature a well-stocked toilet paper dispenser that you regularly check to make sure it's in good working condition.

To make maintenance less frequent, consider purchasing a dispenser that holds multiple massive rolls of toilet paper that will last weeks.

Fully Stocked Soap Dispensers

Sanitization after using a commercial bathroom is essential to personal and communal health. As such, we recommend that you supply stocked soap dispensers for every handwashing station.

Purchase refillable, durable models if your commercial restroom receives many visitors each day. Fill these dispensers with antibacterial soap and check on them regularly for refills.

Air Fresheners

One of the easiest ways to improve the experience in your commercial restroom is to eliminate odors. We at Air Delights carry an impressive selection of air neutralizers and fragrances that provide your bathroom with top-tier odor control.

These devices are easy to install and refill, and they instantly create a great-smelling environment. You can opt for an air freshener that naturally delivers fragrances through diffusion or an electronically powered one. Keep in mind that electronically powered air fresheners are more effective in preventing odors.

Repair Parts

Problems with bathroom hardware and equipment can negatively impact the quality of your commercial restroom. That's why we recommend that you always have the proper repair parts in storage in the event of mechanical issues.

Air Delights stocks repair parts and kits from many top-brand bathroom equipment manufacturers, so you can always be prepared to handle faulty devices. Just make sure you choose repair products designed for the specific brands of your bathroom equipment.


Always have these five commercial restroom items on hand to ensure a pleasant, sanitary bathroom experience. If you need quality commercial restroom supplies, consider our excellent selection today!


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