10 of the Most Common Commercial Restroom Problems

Running and operating a building or facility is no easy task. That's why building bathrooms are often neglected, leading to an unsanitary and unpleasant experience. Luckily, there are many steps you can take to ensure that the most common commercial restroom problems don't impact your business.

Toilet Problems

Naturally, let's start with the toilet. Toilets are, quite obviously, essential in any commercial bathroom. Unfortunately, these appliances suffer from many different performance issues that reduce the quality of your restroom experience. Here are three common problems your toilets may experience:

The Toilet Won't Quit

Do your toilets have a tendency to run even when they're not in use? This problem presents in two different ways: the tank's constant running and/or "phantom flushing," which is when a toilet flushes on its own. You must resolve this terrible issue as soon as possible to lower the likelihood of future clogs. Additionally, these faulty toilets drive up monthly utility bills, wasting thousands of dollars each year. Finding fast and effective solutions for a running toilet can save you money and help the health of the environment.

Broken/Damaged Toilet Parts

Another common toilet problem your commercial restroom may face is broken and/or damaged parts. These issues occur due to normal wear and tear, especially in bathrooms that see heavy daily use. Different commercial toilet parts, such as flushers and seat covers, require maintenance over time to ensure a pleasant and sanitary bathroom experience. By properly managing your commercial restroom, you can quickly identify broken or damaged parts and effectively implement solutions by purchasing repair parts or pursuing appliance replacement.

Toilet Clogs

The last common issue that impacts toilets is clogging. The damages associated with this problem can be significant to a business. Because of the more complex design and increased use of commercial restroom toilet systems, simply plunging the problem bowl isn't always a practical solution. Rather, it's more likely that you'll need a plumbing snake to fully rectify the issue. If you notice a toilet that regularly clogs, we recommend that a plumber inspect the appliance for root intrusion or related complications.

Faucet Problems

Toilets are not the only bathroom components that cause trouble. Faucets in commercial bathrooms face their fair share of difficulties. As the owner of the building/facility, it is your responsibility to provide restroom patrons with working handwashing stations - this protects personal and community health and wellness. It also makes your bathroom a more enjoyable space. If you notice any of these following problems, it's essential you make the adjustments promptly.

The Faucet Won't Quit

Much like a running toilet, running faucets are a money pit for many businesses. A faucet that continually drips often indicates a leak in the pipes below. When left alone, this leaking water pools and can cause significant structural damage. Additionally, the wasted water increases the cost of monthly utility bills. Look out for dripping faucets each time you inspect your commercial restroom.

Broken/Damaged Faucet Parts

Broken and/or damaged faucet parts are another common occurrence in commercial bathrooms since people handle these items the most. Luckily for you, these components are relatively simple to replace! Just find the parts that align with the your appliance's brand and hire a professional to install it, or try your luck at the installation process yourself. Regular inspections, maintenance, and cleaning of faucet parts can help increase their longevity.

Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are more likely to occur in a commercial environment rather than a residential restroom. Unfortunately, strangers treat public sinks far worse than they treat the sinks in their homes. They often try to send improper items down the drain, like paper towels, large food chunks, dirt, and more. While clogs are usually caused by strangers, it's your responsibility to fix them when possible - this creates a more sanitary and enjoyable bathroom experience and reflects well on your business as a whole!

Water Problems

The condition of the water supply within your commercial bathroom is vital for proper sanitation. Without the appropriate pressure and temperature, water becomes less effective at washing hands, putting personal and community health at risk. Water problems are especially worrisome for heavily-populated buildings, like businesses and schools.

Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure from your faucets often indicates an issue with components inside the faucets or the connected pipes. Sediment buildup within these two items can negatively impact water output and pressure quality. Additionally, water main ruptures can also cause negative pressure within pipes that causes water pressure problem. These ruptures are very dangerous for the surrounding community and cost a lot to repair, so take immediate action when you notice low water pressure.

Irregular Water Temperature

People need the ideal water pressure level and temperature to was their hands properly. Hot water is more effective at killing viruses and bacteria, helping slow the spread of illness. If you notice that your sink lacks hot water, check your water heater. Chances are the heater is either full of sediment buildup or actively leaking.

Maintenance Problems

As a building/facility owner, you must maintain a clean, functional, and pleasant commercial restroom environment. That's why it's essential that you take care of your bathroom and ensure that everything is in working order at all times.

Understocked Restroom Supplies

There's nothing worse than a commercial bathroom that's understocked. A low supply of toilet paper, paper towels, feminine products, and hand soap all contribute to a worse, unclean restroom. Put systems in place that ensure your bathroom is always stocked with essential supplies. Invest in quality dispensers that can hold larger amounts of these items to reduce refill frequency.

Uncleanly Environment

Another mistake building and facility owners make concerning their commercial bathrooms is failing to provide a clean environment properly. Mainly, a lack of scheduled cleaning contributes to an unsanitary restroom that's less welcoming to patrons. It's important to implement air fresheners throughout your bathrooms to mask and eliminate unpleasant odors. Additionally, consider scheduling more cleanings if your restroom tends to get dirty many times throughout the day.


By understanding the 10 most common commercial restroom problems you might face as a building/facility owner, you're better prepared for any situation. When you require additional assistance rectifying bathroom issues, check out our selection of quality parts and supplies. We have the perfect product for you!


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